• The Football Euro League and Riga

    The European Footballing Championships is the most-watched and attended European competition after the World Cup. Each country that hosts a Euro event brings a unique flavor to the competition, but there are a few things that you should know before going to a Euro game. Soccer is not the only game that people play during the competition; the Football league is also a popular event. It is comparable to the NBA and NFL in that respect, it's huge and spreads fast.


    This means that TV channels from all over the world that cover the competitions may follow matches live and increase the viewership. The opening tournament will be held in Barcelona on March 21st and (your town, venue and dates) will have finals in Riga on May 27th. "G ghetto Football Euro League 2021" will be held in eleven different countries and will feature the best teams from each. It is important that the final is a clean win because if it is a close, the televoters may backfire and blame the Euro team for not performing.


    In the summer the Football euro 2020 league will have another opening tournament, "Riga Champions". The format is like the Olympics with one stage played between twelve teams. The first four teams that qualified will be the favorites and they will receive a bye in the playoffs. After the quarter finals the other four teams will be placed in the same group, but in another stage. This will be the hardest part for those who don't know a lot about the different cities that feature in the competition because if you do you will be confused by the format.


    If you are a follower of the soccer world you probably read about the World Cup. Well, the Football euro league also has a world cup edition. Each year, two teams from the same country will participate and the winner will automatically get a place at the championship. The teams that usually get to participate are Belgium, Spain, Greece, Russia and Italy. There is a rumor that England may be interested in joining the tournament but there is no confirmation yet and even if they do it won't be until the end of the year.


    "Riga Champions" is another tournament that will be played in the summer. Four different European countries will be participating and the last four spots will be given to the best runners. The format looks like the "World Cup" with the elimination stage being played in the month of April. This means that the teams that do not advance to the playoffs will be playing in the "playoff series" that will be played in June.


    We can expect that the "Riga Champions" tournament may take place around the month of April. If you want to participate you have to submit your application form. You need to inform them of your most qualified goal scores as well as your nationality. This way you will be able to get a chance to represent your favorite team. If you choose to represent one of the different European countries you can also register with that team. And if you choose to play in the "Riga Champions" you may also qualify for free tickets to the Football Euro League or a chance to win a place at the "Finals".